Always On The Lookout For New Books

I am constantly searching for books to read.  I absolutely love to read, which anyone who knows me at all will know.  I read all sorts of books.  Books are great.  They teach and they entertain.  Some even become a beloved friend.  Books are beautiful!

I have a problem though…

Sometimes I run out of trusted authors and have to delve into uncharted territories.  I’ll freely admit that this frightens me a bit.  I don’t like books full of profanity or sex.  There sure are a lot of them out there.  So every time I try a new author it is with trepidation.

I know that I am not the only person with this problem.  I decided that every time I read a book I will post a short (or longish) review with the hope that maybe I help someone else find decent reading material.  Of course, this may cut into my reading time….  Ack!


About karenspath

I love to read books and blog about whatever strikes my fancy. I get plenty of blogging inspiration from my family and life itself. Check it out my different blogs!
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3 Responses to Always On The Lookout For New Books

  1. FEY Kegs says:

    Hay i’m an aspiring author who would like to build a fanbase your support would be great, check out my page when you can, have you written any stories and what genre do you likexxx

    • karenspath says:

      Well, I like a lot of genres. I like historical fiction, realistic fiction, westerns, sci-fi, fantasy, and just plain history. I’ve never published any of the stories that I have written, probably because I’ve never actually tried. 🙂 Checked out your page… If you really want to be an author of fiction, you might want to make your stories a little easier to find on your page. Also, Anne at has lots of good advice for aspiring writers. Check her out! And, Good Luck!

      • FEY Kegs says:

        thanks for taking the time out to reply I really appreciated it, yes I’ll try to make some changes to my page so that people can find my story lol and thanks for the recommending Anne. ps i’m a fan of fantasy too.

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