Don’t Miss Skip Rock Shallows

If you like a good Christian romance you will like Skip Rock Shallows by Jan Watson.  It’s fun, somewhat suspenseful in the right parts, and satisfying in the end.  What more could you want from a book in the Simply For Fun category?

Skip Rock Shallows is the story of Dr. Lilly Corbett, a young pretty woman, who travels to the coal mines of mountainous Kentucky to intern with the company doctor.  Since the doctor dies before Lilly arrives, she has to take over the job, amid hostility and prejudice from the inhabitants of mountain.  After all, it’s only 1908, and women aren’t supposed to be doctors.  Worse, it’s bad luck for a woman to be in the mines.

English: A coal mine in Floyd County, Kentucky...

English: A coal mine in Floyd County, Kentucky, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poor Lilly had only been in town for a few weeks when a cave-in happens at the coal mine.  Now she has to face dirt, danger, and her dark past to save a man she’s never seen.  Will she do it?

Throughout the book Lilly comes to terms with several issues that bother her.  Is she in love with her fiance or the mysterious drifter?  Will the people accept her (and her medical skills) as one of them?  Will the town survive storms, curious children, and crooked mine officials?

Since this is officially a Christian romance there is not any language or sexuality beyond a kiss or two.  It might be a little predictable, but that’s not unexpected since it’s a romantic story.  It’s really a cheerful read, and that is why it’s simply for fun.


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