You Can Keep Secrets Over Sweet Tea

I read Secrets Over Sweet Tea by Denise Hildreth Jones this week.  It’s another Southern voice book, in the string that I have been reading lately. It is classified as Christian literature, which I usually enjoy quite a bit.  Because it is Christian fiction is doesn’t contain crude language or have explicit scenes.

It deals with three couples mainly.  One is the pastor and his loud, large, and loving wife.  Another is a struggling couple with twin daughters of 13.  The last is a couple who’ve been married for ten years but have lost themselves and their marriage.  One couple is destroyed by divorce.  One is rocked by adultery.  One struggles with secrets from the past.

The main theme is really about finding God in your heart and living a free life by allowing him to work in your life.  It’s a great theme.  Most devoted Christians want this in their lives.    Lives are changed as characters allow God to work in their lives.

However, I did not really enjoy this book.  I did not really feel uplifted like reading Christian fiction usually makes me feel.  Honestly I thought that some characters were way to brash and others just made me cringe.  I think the only one I’d like to know is Grace.

I will probably read another of her books before I write off Denise Hildreth Jones as a writer.  It wasn’t a horrible book, but I really just didn’t enjoy it.  Maybe it wasn’t happy enough….



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