Fluffy Finding Love’s Future

I know I haven’t posted much lately.  Yes, Mom, I have finally been too busy to read obsessively.  I have been busy making greeting cards.  (Click here to see why!)  I have managed to sneak in one whole book, plus two halves, and one introduction….

Saturday I had endured all I could endure.  I had to take a break and read.  So I choose the one quick easy read I got at the library the last time.  It is titled Finding Love’s Future by Shelly Galloway.  I have never read one of her books, but I do know that Avalon Romances are quite clean.  I took the chance.

It’s a typical romance.  Girl meets boy.  They fall in love.  They decide to get married.  The end.

It was a pleasant distraction, but no more.  I will probably read more of her books, with the expectation that they are mere brain candy, a quick relaxing read.   So if you just need a book to relax and not get really emotionally involved, this is a book for you.

Oh, as a clean romance, there is no sex or crude language.  A small victory for a virtuous mind!


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I love to read books and blog about whatever strikes my fancy. I get plenty of blogging inspiration from my family and life itself. Check it out my different blogs!
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