A Huge Disappointment in Charming Grace

Every once in a while I pick up a book that I begin to enjoy and bam – a chapter or two in there is so much bad language that it seems like every sentence has at least one word.  As much as it kills me I put them down.

I have been very honest about not wanting such language in my mind.  If a book has too much I won’t read it.  It’s really hard sometimes if the story is intriguing.

So, to the huge disappointment.  I started Charming Grace by Deborah Smith.  It’s the story of one woman trying to end a hollywood production based on the life and death of her husband.  She sounds very feisty and fun to read about.  She was.

However, the story is told from different points of view.  Boone Noleene is the bodyguard of the Hollywood bigshot.  He tells part of the story, and this is where the vulgar language came to stay and then multiplied like rabbits.  Yuck!


I wanted to know how it ends.  I’ll never know.  Like I said, it’s a huge disappointment.  Obviously I wouldn’t be recommending this one to anyone who has issues with foul language.  I didn’t get far enough in to know if there are explicit scenes, so who knows.



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