No Bed and Breakfast for Me

I started another book which I felt compelled to put down.  Urgh!

Bed and Breakfast is written by Lois Battle, who has written several other books.  The main character is a widow who is struggling to connect to her three grown daughters.  I’m not sure why they don’t have great relationships.  I guess I didn’t get far enough into the book.

First I was disturbed by the widow feeling a romantic connection with her brother-in-law, all while her sister is still alive.  Hmm, not a great situation, and I’m not too sure that I wanted to find out where that went.  But I persevered.

The crowning glory was the nasty language that commenced in Chapter Three.  One of the daughters is facing challenges, like her lover Sam moving away, cutbacks at work etc.  It all adds up to lots of profanity.  So much so that I stopped reading.

I have no idea what happens.  I don’t have really high hopes though of it being good or decent even.  I’m not recommending it to anyone.


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