Picking The Apple Orchard

I’ve had the opportunity to read a few books in between cleaning up vomit, lots and lots of vomit. I’ve got a sick little girl at home.

One of the books is titled The Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs. It’s a new book, at least to my library. I’ve never read one of Susan Wigg’s books so it was a little adventure for me. I really enjoyed the plotline and most of the characters. I’d be willing to read more of her novels.

Tess, the main character, is an investigator/recoverer of fine and antique items. Very artsy sounding. Of course this skill comes in handy when she discovers that her grandfather is leaving half of his apple orchard to her and half to her sister. What?!? Grandfather? Sister? She didn’t even know they existed before Dominic Rossi, an Italian heart-throb, finds her and tells her that her grandfather has been hurt.

She is stunned and impulsively decides to visit her half-sister and find out about this new family of hers. It’s a decision that changes her life.

It’s a fun book, full of surprises. WWII and rescuing Jews are involved in the flashbacks. I guessed the answer to a couple of pseudo mysteries, so the real suspense for me was to see if the characters were going to catch on. It ended quite satisfactorily.

Caution:there was a bedroom scene (it starts in the kitchen so if you don’t like that stuff in your brain skip pages 337-341 and you won’t miss anything central to the plot!) There is also some language throughout the book.

All in all, a fairly good book with a pretty decent plot. Leaving the sex and foul language out would make it a better book!


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