Finding The Saints and Sinners of Okay County

The Saints and Sinners of Okay County is the debut novel of Dayna Dunbar.  It is set in Oklahoma during the year 1976.  Books set in Oklahoma intrigue me so I checked it out and read it.

Cover of "The Saints and Sinners of Okay ...

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Aletta Honor, the heroine, is the very pregnant mother of three when her husband walks out on her and the kids.  The financial situation becomes quite desperate, and Aletta decides to use her physic abilities to earn cash.  Quite a ruckus ensues!

The next several months involve a lot of hope and heartbreak for Aletta as she deals with her husband’s return and other issues related to him.  She must find the courage to face her demons and be strong for her children, from newborn to hormone ridden teenager.

Can Aletta find peace from her past?  Can she solve the problems of being a single mother in a small town?  Can she find love and build a new life?  You might as well ask if the wind blows in Oklahoma!   (It does, all of the time!)

It was a fun story, all while highlighting some of the darker issues that women face in abusive relationships.  The palpable fear of Aletta’s children made me cry once or twice.  Aletta’s longing for a normal life tore at my heartstrings.  I have known women like her, physic ability aside, in similar situations and it is very sad.

It’s a gritty protrayal of a woman trying to make her own way in the face of abuse and prejudice.  There is foul language in the book and a few sexual references too.  It’s all in keeping with the plot and yet not that necessary.


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