Being Practically Perfect

After the last two books I was in the mood for something with a little lighter tone.  No more Killer Miller….  Instead I picked up Practically Perfect by Katie Fforde.  It definitely enjoys a lighter tone.  You might even say it was practically perfect for what I wanted to read.

Cover of "Practically Perfect"

Cover of Practically Perfect

It’s a story about Anna who buys a house in England as a project.  Her motive is to use her skills as an interior designer (not to be confused with a decorator, thank you very much!) and a DIYer to remodel and sell for a huge profit.  Of course she runs into a lot of issues…

She gets saddled with a rescued Greyhound.  Her house is listed (I’m assuming that means it’s historically protected) placing severe limits on her remodeling.  She has to figure out  the difference between real love and imaginary love.  And finally, she has to deal with falling in love with her house and possibly giving it up…  Sigh!  Such problems.

It’s a fun read.  There are some language problems here and there.  There are also a few bedroom scenes that can be skipped over.  All in all, I enjoyed it.  I know that Katie Fforde wrote more books so I will be checking them out.



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