Tending the English Ivy

I’ve had a stack of books to review and no time to review them. I am going to try to get through as many as I can before my children wake up… Summer is so much fun, but very busy.

I recently read English Ivy by Catherine Palmer, a best-selling author of Christian fiction. I have read many of Catherine Palmer’s novels and have enjoyed all of them. This book was not a disappointment. I thoroughly enjoyed its lightheartedness as it explored the seriousness of choosing a marriage partner.

Ivy, the oldest daughter of the Bowden family, is about to turn 21. Her father recently completed the betrothal between Ivy and a Mr. Nigel Creeve. She is assured a secure future, and everything is ordered and more or less perfect until the girls in the family are accosted by gypsies. Ivy suffers a not so romantic blow to the head during the tussle. Colin Richmond, a recently returned neighbor from India who is very rich, comes to her rescue.

Predictably the plot thickens dramatically. Eventually Ivy finds herself with three suitors, a fortune hangs in the balance, and Ivy doesn’t know where to turn. She is torn between her perceived duty and her heart. Since it is a Christian romance she learns to rely on the Lord as she is getting answers to her prayers.

I know I said that the plot thickened predictably. It did, but the twists and turns were unexpectedly different than I expected. While I was sure I knew the eventual outcome the ride was quite enjoyable. The conclusion was not quite what I expected either.

The main characters are fun. The heroine wasn’t so perfect as to be dull. The reformed rake faced temptations. The dissolute had a few chances. The villan was quite villanous toward the end.

It was a fun read. There wasn’t language or bedroom scenes to worry about, which is a huge plus for me. If you want a fun romantic read English Ivy is the book for you.


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  2. itsthelitchick says:

    Sounds interesting ill have to check it out

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