Have You Seen My New Blue Socks?

I love really good children’s books.  To be a good children’s book it must have an engaging read aloud style story and fun pictures that draw interest.  I guess this is actually the description of a good picture book, but that’s how I find my priceless treasures in the children’s section.

Have You Seen My New Blue Socks?, written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier, fits both of my requirements.  It is super fun to read aloud with rhymes that are reminiscent of Dr. Seuss.  Duck has lost his new blue socks.  Did he put them in a box?  When the fox and the ox get involved, well you can see where the comparison came from.

The reader and the listener follow duck on his journey to find his new blue socks.  The book is a visual feast with sweet illustrations.  When duck looks in his box you can tell that he loves his box because it is beat up and held together by scotch tape.  The rocks with the lost socks is hilarious.  Is this where mismatched socks go to die?

My youngest ate this up.  She loved the pictures.  She loved that she could read most of it by herself.  As an emerging reader this is perhaps the best thing about this book for her. As a parent it is engaging enough that I can sit through it multiple times to help with words she doesn’t know.  (Any parent of school-aged children knows that they bring home some of the most boring stories ever written.)

If you plan to read aloud to a child anytime soon this is a good selection.  If you just love good picture books this is a keeper.  I’m considering finding a copy of this for my own bookshelf.  That is high praise indeed, coming from me.   Have you seen Duck’s new blue socks yet?


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