Enjoying The Briton

Okay, okay, I know.  I’ve been on a Catherine Palmer kick.  I think I’ve been in the mood for light reading because I recently injured my foot and am suffering from other various forms of ill-health.  Nothing that won’t pass, but nice to “escape” from… So escapism authors and lots of romantically inclined books.

The Briton, by Catherine Palmer, is the intriguing story of Bronwen, a Briton woman in medieval times.   As the story starts warriors are gathering at Bronwen’s father’s keep for a winter feast.  Her father makes an important announcement regarding Bronwen and her future.  She is aghast to learn that she will be wedded to the old Viking, an old foe of the Briton race.  As the men keep feasting she runs out into the night to walk, her favorite way of thinking and coming to peace.

Instead of peace she meets a handsome stranger who places his mantle around her cold shoulders and leaves her with a lingering kiss that she cannot forget.  The next morning she is wed to the old Viking and sent on her way to his castle.  They get caught in a storm during their voyage and Bronwen gets set down on the shore with one guard and her nursemaid.  They find a hut to shelter in and in this hut Bronwen discovers her mysterious stranger.

Oh boy!  How intriguing…  Wed to one, dreams of another…. Is this Catherine Palmer, the Christian writer?  Yes it is.

It remains very chaste, so chaste that Bronwen remains a maiden when rejoining her old Viking.  The woman goes through a lot of adventures before the book ends.  It’s a beautiful look at some of the politics of the time and how they might have involved people far from the center of power.

If you like romance or historical fiction you will enjoy The Briton.  I did!


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