For the Fourth: Dead, White, and Blue

I discovered Dead, White, and Blue just in time for the Fourth of July. Written by bestselling author Carolyn Hart, this book is definitely a page turner. For those of you familiar with Carolyn Hart it is a Death on Demand mystery. If you are not, it’s part of a series of books.

I haven’t ever read any of the previous Death on Demand novels, but it did not take away from my reading experience. Think about it, you can’t read Harry Potter out-of-order the first time. It wouldn’t make sense. Dead, White, and Blue made perfect sense, although now I do want to read the previous books.

Annie and Max Darling live on Broward’s Rock, an island in the South complete with alligators and Spanish moss. She owns the bookstore Death on Demand, and he owns Confidential Commissions. The day of the Fourth things on the island begin to really heat up. Shell Hurst, a sultry woman with revenge on her mind, disappears and only her stepdaughter cares. She comes to Max to ask for help finding Shell.

Curious, but unconcerned, Max and Annie begin to ask around after Shell. Her husband doesn’t care. Her stepson is hiding something. The ex-wife clams up tighter than an oyster. The lovers and blackmailers of Shell don’t care to help find her either. No one can find her Porsche either. Max and Annie get really worried. The only thing anyone else seems to be worried about is a missing scarf and a wrecked car.

Eventually the police get involved when they file missing person reports. The mayor tries to hush it up after being pressured by Shell’s husband. This only spurs Annie and Max on until they manage to find Shell Hurst. Then the hunt for a missing person turns into a hunt for a killer.

Do they figure out which of the many suspects is the killer? Will justice be served? Hmm, I’m not in the business of spoiling books so you better find a copy to read!

I am pleased to report that there was not a lot of foul language. There might have been a word od two. And bedroom scenes were behind closed doors too. If all of Carolyn Hart’s books are as fun as this one and as clean I will be reading lots of them! I recommend this to anyone who likes a good mystery!


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