Looking at A Page Out of Life

I picked up A Page Out of Life because I thought it would be lighthearted and fun to read.  Not so much.  I enjoyed Kathleen Reid’s novel, A Page Out of Life, about a group of women who are brought together by their love of scrapbooking, but it wasn’t that lighthearted.  In fact three of the characters face major decisions and changes in their lives, and those were anything but lighthearted.

One of these woman is Ashley, a stay at home mother of four.  She has gained weight by eating to deal with emotional issues in her marriage.  She feels lost, lonely, and drained by the constant demands of motherhood without the support of her husband.  When her friend Megan drags her to the scrapbooking group, Ashley begins to rediscover herself.  She leans on the group as she comes to grips with childhood issues and the problems facing her marriage.

Tara, a single woman in her thirties, is a graduate student with a huge crush on her charismatic but married mentor.  She struggles with the decisions facing her romantically. She also has unresolved issues with her childhood that come to haunt her during the story.  Thankfully she has the group to provide support and encouragement.

Then there is Libby, a retired school teacher and grandmother.  Her wonderful retirement comes to a screeching halt when her thirty something son gets in hot water with the feds.  Is he guilty?  Will he have to go to jail?  These questions haunt her and cause her to withdraw, but the scrapbooking group is there to help her through.

It doesn’t sound too extraordinary, but Kathleen Reid managed to throw in the most unexpected twists.  She took a run of the mill story and made it unforgettable.  Will Ashley, Tara, and Libby be able to live with the decisions they make and the consequences?  With the help of their scrapbooking friends they will be okay!

I don’t remember much in the way of bad language.  All the bedroom stuff stayed behind closed doors too.  That was a plus.  Even if you don’t scrapbook you will enjoy the story of these three women.  Check it out soon!



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