The Very Disappointing Sisterland

I am back from vacation with the urge to read. Two weeks are a long time to go without reading. Somehow I managed, most likely because I was having such a great time with my family. Now I am home, and the need to read a book is gnawing at the edge of my consciousness, like a cute little mouse trying to gnaw its way in the cupboard full of chocolate. No other cupboard is worth gnawing into…

So, I went to the library. Isn’t the library a great place to find books!?! I limited myself to three books because I have things to do before the weekend. Why can’t laundry and dishes do themselves?

Tonight, needing a break, I picked up the quite new Sisterhood by Curtis Sittenfeld. Her previous two novels were met with wide acclaim. I was quite hopeful. It’s a novel about twin sisters who have psychic abilities. One has embraced her abilities and the other has suppressed them. One has premonitions about earthquakes, and the other reluctantly begins to believe. Sounds really interesting.

The third page of chapter one was peppered with swearing. That combined with the musings of one of the twins on what her sexual status -is she gay, bi-sexual, etc- was quite enough. I decided that I do not want to finish this book. If you object to foul language this book is not for you! I did not read far enough to know how many sexual things are really in this book.

I’m so disappointed that this book turn out to be a loser!


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I love to read books and blog about whatever strikes my fancy. I get plenty of blogging inspiration from my family and life itself. Check it out my different blogs!
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