Have You Met Miss Julia Yet?

Just last week I made the acquaintance of Mrs. Julia Springer of Abbotsville, North Carolina.  She is a spunky southern lady in her sixties who was recently widowed.  In good southern fashion she is known by everyone as Miss Julia.  I just fell in love with her.

I found Miss Julia in a book titled Miss Julia Speaks Her MInd by Ann B. Ross.  It was kind of a fluke.  I had a few minutes in the library and was perusing the new book section when a book caught my eye.  I opened it up to see if it was part of a series, because I hate finding a great book and reading it, only to find out it is the fifth one in a series.  Lo and behold it was the tenth or so book.  I put it down and went to find the first one.

Cover of "Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind: A N...

Cover of Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind: A Novel

Miss Julia was married for forty something years to Wesley Lloyd, the town’s banker.  She discovers upon his death that not only had she been completely in the dark as to his financial life, but also his romantic life.  She becomes the acknowledged talk of the town when some blonde shows up on her doorstep to leave Wesley Lloyd’s son while she goes to Raleigh to cosmetology school.

Now a millionaire bent on spending money she never knew they had, Miss Julia is unprepared when the doorbell rings.  Much to her disgust and horrified sensibilities, Miss Julia cannot deny that this younger Wesley Lloyd is her husband’s child.  He looks just like her dead husband!  She is in such shock that she doesn’t protest enough and Junior gets left behind.

As if this wasn’t too much to support, Miss Julia has to contend with a greedy, money hungry pastor.  He’d been under the assumption that the late and really unlamented Mr. Springer was leaving his money to the church.  His grandiose plans for the millions include a family center for the church.  He tries to wheedle his way into her wallet.  When that fails he tries to have her declared incompetent with himself as financial guardian.

And if that isn’t enough Little Lloyd, as she calls her husband’s son, is being pursued by his preacher uncle, who is sure that Lloyd inherited money.  The house is broken into, Miss Julia gets pursued by a mysterious black truck, and Little Lloyd’s former house is apparently the scene of a crime.

Will Miss Julia get everything straightened out before something really terrible happens?

I laughed out loud several times while reading this book.  I was in tears before the end, and back to chuckling at the ending.  It is a great book.  I enjoyed it so much that I have already gone back to the library and devoured the second one.  That review is coming!

Miss Julia doesn’t pull any punches.  She doesn’t swear, drink, or have any vices beyond pride.  She is also so straight forward she doesn’t see the pits looming at her feet, at first anyway.

There were only three incidents of swearing in the whole book.  There weren’t any terrible untoward scenes.  Just when I was getting worried about it, the Pastor walks in and whooee!  Things start a-hopping!

If you haven’t met Miss Julia yet, you need to stop reading and go to the library and find Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind!


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