Watch Out When Miss Julia Takes Over!

If you are a follower of this blog you know how much I loved Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind.  It was a rollicking good read.  In fact it was so good that I rushed to the library for the next book, ignoring the pile that needed to be read and returned.  Did Miss Julia Takes Over live up to its predecessor?

Cover of "Miss Julia Takes Over"

Cover of Miss Julia Takes Over

The answer is a resounding yes!  I’m ready to read the third one.  I’m planning a trip to the library on Monday to get it.  AND I fully intend to spend the remainder of that day reading it and munching on chocolate covered peanuts.  Well, maybe I won’t eat peanuts covered with chocolate all day, but they figure in there somewhere.

Ann B. Ross lived up to her potential with Miss Julia Takes Over.  It was just as fun with hints of scandals and a great deal of NASCAR thrown in for good measure.  It’s just frosting on the cupcake that Miss Julia has no idea what NASCAR is!

The hijinks ensue the night that Hazel Marie (Miss Julia’s late husband’s mistress) doesn’t come home from her date with the church’s new fund raiser.  Since Miss Julia won’t cough up the money for the family center the pastor has hired a professional church fund raiser.  (IS there really such a career?)  Miss Julia, Little Lloyd, and Lillian are positive that something has happened to her, especially after she calls and asks for help but hangs up before she finishes.

Miss Julia marches over to the police, who refuse to do anything.  It hasn’t been 24 hours and they have heard from her.  There is nothing they can do.  When Miss Julia demands the name of a good private investigator she is reluctantly given one name.

J.D. Pickens is soon on the payroll and on the job.  He may have been a private investigator but nothing can prepare someone for Miss Julia and her penchant for accidental mischief.  Add the fact that the police are supposed to take Little Lloyd into custody pending a custodial hearing and you have all out hilarity as Miss Julia tries to control everything about J. D. Pickens from his investigative manner to his drinking to his driving…

Will Hazel Marie be found?  Will Jerry Johnson find his lucky charm before the NASCAR race?  Does Little Lloyd avoid the nefarious plot to separate him from his missing mother?  Will Miss Julia see the irony in her actions?

It’s a great book.  You’ve got to read it, but only after you read Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind.

There are a few swear words, but no untoward scenes.



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