Invitation to Miss Julia Throws A Wedding

How many Miss Julia books can I review before you run to the library to check out Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind?  I know I am on a kick, but Ann B. Ross writes a hilarious enduring story.  They are addicting, and I can’t wait to read the rest.  Although, for the sake of my readers I will try to space it out.  Oh, the joys of producing a book review blog… If my recommendation isn’t enough, how about this little story.

One of my best friends occasionally tells me I have to read a book.  I’ve read some amazing books that way.  Of course I feel compelled to return the favor.  What reader doesn’t?  Anyway, I handed her the copy of Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind and told her she ought to read it.  She loved it and handed it to her husband who then read it and loved it.  So yesterday when I was visiting her she confessed that they’d gone and gotten the second book.  She started reading it, and then on Sunday her husband “borrowed” it and won’t give it back.

Cover of "Miss Julia Throws a Wedding"

Cover of Miss Julia Throws a Wedding

But back to Miss Julia Throws a Wedding.   It’s the third installment of Miss Julia’s story, which really begins with the death of her late but not lamented husband.  Miss Julia is rather down in the dumps as the story begins because Hazel Marie and Little Lloyd are moving out and her boarder Coleman is never home.  She can’t stand the thought of living alone again. So it’s a match made in heaven when Coleman and Binkie announce they are getting married in a week and a half when they both have time off.  Miss Julia is aghast to learn that they are planning a justice of the peace courthouse kind of wedding.

Immediately she offers to throw them a proper wedding, even if it is rushed and small.  Preparations begin apace. Everything is well underway, minus the small annoyance of an escaped convict who specializes in petty thievery, when the happy couple suddenly announce that the wedding is off.  Miss Julia is furious, of course, because she’s already ordered the food, rented the chairs, bought the flowers.  She’s determined to bring the now immeasurably sad couple back together. To add to the chaos, her pastor has finally raised enough money to build his Family Life Center just across the street from her house.  Construction has begun and continues through all the weather and wedding preparation.

Then a curious thing begins to happen.  Crowds begin to gather at night, holding candlelight vigils.  They spill over into the day and Miss Julia begins to be affected.  Apparently the Virgin Mother has manifested herself on the brick wall of the family center. It will take a miracle to pull off the most memorable wedding Abbotsville has ever seen.

Does the bride show up?  Will the crowds disperse in time?  What happens to the associate pastor?  Will all the missing items be found?  Ann B. Ross crafts the most perfect crescendo of a conclusion you’ve ever read.  You have got to read these books!

There are a few swear words in this story.  It’s the one thing that makes the Miss Julia novels anything less than perfect.


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