Enjoying Elizabeth the First Wife

Are you in the mood for a fun book?  And I mean just a fun lighthearted book.  If you are you need to go find a copy of Elizabeth the First Wife by Lian Dolan.  I giggled and laughed through the entire book.  You’ll especially like it if you like Shakespeare.

Elizabeth, a professor of English Lit at a community college in Pasadena, is the youngest daughter in a highly successful family.  Her father won a Nobel Prize.  One sister is a doctor searching for the cure to cancer.  The other sister is married to an US Congressman.  To her mother Elizabeth’s teaching at a community college and being the ex-wife of a now extremely successful movie star are not enough.  She needs to do bigger and better things, no matter if she is happy.

Then things are turned upside down and sideways when her ex husband walks into her Shakespeare class with a proposition.  He is trying to burnish his image by participating in a Shakespearean Festival in Oregon, and he wants her to help him make sure he isn’t making career ending mistakes.   She in turn wants to remodel her house, and the salary he offers is enough to cover the remodel.  It’s a match made in heaven, right?

Off she goes to Oregon with her 17 year-old niece in tow as an intern.  She leaves her precious house in the hands of the extremely good-looking Rafa, the Congressman’s chief of staff.  Things get interesting when Rafa starts calling needing help with the quirks of her old house and when the director kicks her out of the theater.  Throw in a lost dog and the book she is supposed to be writing about Shakespeare and celebrity couples and you get a delight comedy of chaos.

It’s a fun read with a minimum of swearing and no explicit scenes.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I fully intend to read her first book Helen of Pasadena.


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