Rev Your Engines! Miss Julia Hits The Road!

Okay, I’m back to another Miss Julia book.  I am loving these books.  I might just have to start buying them for my personal library.  


Cover of "Miss Julia Hits the Road"

Cover of Miss Julia Hits the Road


Miss Julia Hits the Road, the fourth installment of the Miss Julia series, finds Lillian in deep trouble.  An unsavory businessman is threatening to turn out all the people living on Lillian’s street.  Over the years he has bought up all the houses, and now he wants to sell the land or put up a water bottling plant.   Miss Julia springs into action.


She tries to buy the land, but Mr. Gibbs refuses unless she pays the astronomical amount of $250,000 and puts her house up for collateral.  He gives her three weeks to come up with enough money or lose her house.  Of course Miss Julia hides this from everyone until the very last moment.  


Everyone gets involved in raising money.  Mr Pickens and Sam think up a Poker Run, initiating Miss Julia to the questionable world of motorcycles.  Then a really rich dirty old man offers her $100,000 if she will personally participate.  He sweetens the deal by offering an additional $10,000 per quality lady over the age of 50 who participates.  So Miss Julia begins trying to cajole her friends into participating without letting on about the age limit.


Can Miss Julia retain her composure and her reputation in her newest set of adventures?  Will they raise enough money to save Miss Julia’s and Lillian’s houses?  And what exactly is going on with the mysterious spring located on the land in question?  


Ann B. Ross has another winner on her hands.  If you still haven’t started reading these books you really really need to make the time to read them.  



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