Dancing the Step Ball Change

Warning!  I am not a dancer.  The closest I’ve ever been to a dancer was the year I enrolled my oldest in a ballet class.  After a year of watching her gracefully land her jumps like a herd of elephants (how can someone so delicate and tiny make so much noise?) and the tears of recital time I decided dancing was more of a spectator sport in our family. So I had no idea that the title Step Ball Change was based on tap dancing.

Of course my experience of one year as a mother of a dancer caused me to laugh out loud very loudly.  Caroline is the main character and she owes a dance studio and teaches all sorts of classes.  During one class her youngest son George, a dancer and a law student, tells the girls not to land like elephants.  It was so reminiscent of my own experiences that I couldn’t control myself.  It’s probably a good thing no one was home.  Some humor can’t be explained, especially if the person asking is the one who did the dancing.

Cover of "Step-Ball-Change"

Cover of Step-Ball-Change

Written by Jeanne Ray, Step Ball Change is the intricate dance woven by a family in the midst of life changing events.  In one fateful evening their lives are changed forever.  First Caroline and Tom’s daughter Kay calls in happy tears.  Trey Bennett, the richest bachelor in high society, has asked her to marry him.  Not five minutes later the other phone line rings.  Caroline’s sister Taffy has been deserted by her husband of several decades for a woman younger than their daughter.

Everyone converges on their house, which, of course, is currently in the state of remodeling chaos.  Does Kay really love Trey or is she carrying a torch for Jack?  Will Taffy really leave her husband?  Can Caroline and Tom really afford to pay for the wedding of the century?  Will the house ever be finished, and do they want it finished since they love the contractor like family?

It’s a fun book to read.  Caroline has to come to grips with losing the last of her children.  She also has to learn to build a relationship with her younger sister, something they have never had.  It’s heart warming and light-hearted even if it does look superficially at issues like racism, family relationships, and the nature of real love.

There were occasional swear words but no explicit scenes.


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