GIVEAWAY: The Wild Queen Can Be Yours!

 In honor of my 50th post I am introducing you to a series and an author that you may not have heard of yet.  I have a signed copy of her book The Wild Queen, with matching bookmark, that is up for grabs.  Yes, you read that right. This blog is doing it’s very first giveaway!  Hurray for me and you both!

First let me introduce you to the author.  Her name is Cheri Chesley.  She has written several books and short stories.  Cheri has known since she was little that she wanted to write, but she didn’t get serious about it until she was a teenager.  She wrote her first manuscript as a freshman and sophomore in high school.  When I interviewed her she said, “It made me realize that I actually had a lot of stories inside me that needed to come out.”

Her captivating series presently contains The Peasant Queen, The Wild Queen, and The Tyrant King.  The Lost Princess, the fourth installment, is in the process of being published.  While The Peasant Queen was written first, The Wild Queen is chronologically first.  Of the three first books I think that The Wild Queen is my favorite. Coincidentally, when I asked Cheri she admitted that it was one of her favorites also.

The series of books fall somewhere between romance and action.  There’s enough romance to satisfy any woman’s heart and enough action to keep them interesting.  Of course by now you should if I am recommending a book it is clean and decent.  Cheri has a high standard which includes no foul language and no sex scenes.  Kudos to her for her integrity.

The books are set in a fantasy landscape that is complete with kingdoms, sword fights, politics, magic, and a little bit of women’s empowerment.  What’s the point of creating heroines that do nothing but sit around and sigh?  Cheri has created two beautiful but very capable heroines who face their challenges head on.  They are both required to find and depend on their own inner strength to see then through the bad times into the good.

When I asked Cheri who her favorite character was she said, “My favorites change. First it was Krystal (The Peasant Queen), because I identified with her so much. Then it was Gregory (in most of them) because he is such a great villain and fun to write. Oddly, I didn’t enjoy writing Donovan (The Tyrant King) nearly as much even though he was way more wicked. Then my favorite was Alana (The Peasant Queen) because of all I was learning about her that didn’t make it into the finished books. But now? Now, I think it’s Jessenia.   She’s so complex and multilayered I really am enjoying how she challenges me as a writer.”  (I think Jessenia is in The Lost Princess.)

Because Cheri publishes her work independently it is best to look for her books on her author page at Amazon.  Here is the link:

Be sure to download her short story Ghost Bride.  It’s free on Amazon.  You can get it by clicking on the link above.  I’ve read it and it’s a very great short read.

You can also check out her blog at

 And now for the GIVEAWAY!

I have debated on whether to just automatically enter all my followers or whether to base it on people who comment on this post.  Here is what I have decided.  If you are a follower you will automatically be entered once.  If you aren’t, go ahead and click on the follow button.  It’s located on left at the top of this post.  If you comment on this post you will be entered.  If you check out one of Cheri’s pages and then comment about something on her page you will be entered again.  That’s right!  You can have three entries.   And feel free to share this giveaway on your Facebook and Twitter accounts!

On September 20th the contest will close.  I will announce the winner the following week.

Good luck to everyone!


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11 Responses to GIVEAWAY: The Wild Queen Can Be Yours!

  1. sheraz2011 says:

    So I am interested in this book! I appreciate your reviews….I checked out Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind (the first one?) this morning! =)

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  3. Aisilyn says:

    Karen recommended Miss Julia to me, as well. Interestingly enough, I adored her and my husband stole both Miss Julia books off my nightstand and began reading while I was in the middle of them:) I adore the author of The Wild Queen as an individual, though I have never read anything she has written….perhaps it is time.

  4. mismymo says:

    Since I follow the Beauty of Books, I assume that I am entered in the giveaway = ) I would like to be. I will have to check out the Miss Julia books. I’m trying to finish a history of science book called Aristotle Leads the Way by Joy Hakim. It is harder reading but very fascinating. I take notes every once in awhile. Anyway I always read your posts on this blog. I am very sure that you must read ten times faster than I do, however.

  5. dairyairhead says:

    Thanks for the background on Cheri! Giving her perspective of her characters really makes me want to read her work!

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