The Eye of Moloch Scares Me

One reason I love books over movies is that I can read them and they don’t normally frighten me.  When I read The Lord of the Rings it does not scare me at all.  When I watch the movies I have nightmares about orcs.  So you understand why I’d rather read a book.  Who really wants to dream about orcs?  Uh, not me!

I’ve read two books by Glenn Beck before that I love.  His Being George Washington should be required reading in high school or even middle school in my opinion.  It was very much a book on being the best kind of person you can be.  Then there is The Christmas Sweater.  It’s a Christmas story where he learns a lesson.  Neither of these books prepared me for the third book that I just finished.

The Eye of Moloch, a sequel to The Overton Window, is a high-octane blast of explosive action that takes place in the present.  I didn’t read The Overton Window before this one but I don’t think it really affected the story.  I caught on pretty quick.  I am going to see if my library has a copy though as I am thoroughly interested.

This is some story.  Molly Ross is a patriot, through and through, and she is trying to wake the normal everyday American out of their apathy.  She and her little band of followers are trying to get the United States back to its Constitutional origins.  The behind the scenes power brokers (or puppet masters if you like that term better) are out for her blood because they oppose the very things for which she stands.  All they care about is money and power, and they are poised on the brink of taking over the world.

America, the last bastion of freedom, is teetering on the brink of complete destruction. The general populace is blinded by technology and ingenious PR campaigns to the point that it has turned into an entitlement society.  Privacy is a thing of the past.  Drones patrol the airways.  The President has a kill list.  Warrants aren’t needed for arrests, and people can be held infinitely without charges.  Military duties are being handed over to security companies who are lining their pockets at the expense of the tax payers.  The media doesn’t do anything but parrot official talking points determined by those behind the scenes, the people with the real power.

The plot is gripping.  The action is harrowing, at points almost too much for me to handle.  I couldn’t put it down.  I actually stayed up until 3 am to finish it.  I had to know Molly’s fate.  Could one person really make a difference?

Molly and her tiny group are being pursued by the government and the lackeys of the truly awful Arthur Doyle.  Labeled as domestic terrorists, due to some very convenient violence provided by the powerful as a smear campaign, Molly’s group falls out of the frying pan and into the fire of a neo nazi group who want to join forces.   Things only get worse before they can possibly get better.

This fictionalized book is a frightening, if somewhat extreme, examination of the situation in America.  The reference to Moloch is apt and awful all at the same time.  Moloch was god worshiped by Canaanites and Phoenicians.  His rites included child sacrifice by parents.  How awful is that? This book is a warning to all of us.  Are we sacrificing our children and their future by not taking a stand now?

Just one warning: this book does contain quite a bit of language and violence.  It touches on themes like racism and genocide.  Some very ugly things are said, and I was shocked at the end of the book when Glenn Beck provided actual documentary evidence that most of those ugly things had actually been said by real people.

It is not a relaxing book to read, but it contains a warning that I think is worth heeding.  Whether we subscribe to Glenn Beck’s view or not, we all need to be involved and informed.

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