Laughing Through Miss Julia Meets Her Match

Maybe I was slap happy when I read this in the middle of the night, but this book is hilarious!  I mean laughing out loud, I’m so glad my bedroom door is closed because I might wake up the kids HILARIOUS!!!!  Even now I giggle when I think about the messes only Miss Julia can get herself into.

Cover of "Miss Julia Meets Her Match"

Cover of Miss Julia Meets Her Match

There is a lot of romantic hankie pankie in Miss Julia Meets Her Match.  Sam finally quits beating around the bush and asks Miss Julia to marry him.  Mr. Pickens disappears on Hazel Marie.  Another of the deceased Wesley Lloyd’s mistresses appears out of no where.  The pastor’s wife gets a haircut and begins to wear make up.  Miss Julia catches some upright citizens in an unrighteous tangle in the, ahem, pastor’s office.

Add all of this romance to a son who comes home as a daughter, Lillian’s great granddaughter, and the crazy nuts who want to build a Walk Where Jesus Walked theme park on Miss Julia’s land, and you get a perfect Miss Julia book.  Complete with tender moments, lots of laughs, and a breathtaking conclusion, it’s no wonder that multitudes have fallen for Miss Julia.

Ann B. Ross is on a roll with her Miss Julia’s series.  I’ve said it before, and I know I will say it again.  You have got to read these books, starting with Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind.  I personally cannot wait to get started on the next one.

While Miss Julia catches someone in an compromising situation, you, the reader, are spared an explicit scene.  (Thanks Ann B. Ross!)  There is a bad word or two, but they are the more mild ones.

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