Seeing What The Cat Saw

In What the Cat Saw when Nela flies to Oklahoma to help her sister she has no idea what is in store.  In between jobs and heartsick over the death of her fiance, Nela thinks it will be a relief to get away for a while.  She jumps at the chance to sub for her sister at the Haklo Foundation, which also involves looking after a dead woman’s cat…

Her first night in Oklahoma she hears the cat thinking “. . . Dead . . . Dead and gone . . . She loved me . . . board rolled on the second step . . .”  Later that night she hears an intruder ransacking the apartment and calls the police.

By the time she makes it to her sister’s job at the Haklo Foundation, Nela is convinced that something more an accident killed Miss Grant, the cat’s owner.  Her past as an investigative journalist stands her in good stead as she faces the crumbling civility at Haklo Foundation where evil is stalking the employees.

Will Nela unravel the mystery fast enough to save herself?  Well, you’ll have to read it yourself.

What the Cat Saw, by Carolyn Hart, is a fast paced mystery.  Well written and engaging, it was a fun read.  Like all people who read mysteries I had my suspicions of the identity of the murderer, and it turns out that I was right.  That doesn’t mean it was obvious, because my vague suspicions were based on a felling and not factual evidence.

I liked the characters.  Nela’s ability to hear the cat think does factor into the story here and there, but it isn’t the main theme of the book so it wasn’t really weird.  I loved that Nela was able to bring some joy back into her life during the novel, and the ending was pretty satisfactory.

There was some language, but no sex scenes,  It’s safe to read!

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