Showing Off Miss Julia’s School of Beauty

At first I thought that maybe I had read too many Miss Julia books in a row.  Could that be why Miss Julia’s School of Beauty wasn’t that great?  Nope, couldn’t be since I loved the next one.  I guess this installment just wasn’t as funny to me as the previous ones.

Miss Julia’s School of Beauty is the sixth book in Ann B. Ross’ series.  This story finds Miss Julia involved with a beauty pageant of all thing.  Or, to be absolutely precise, Miss Julia is helping Hazel Marie run the local Miss Sheriff Department pageant.  It’s not a match made in heaven since Miss Julia is uber-modest and doesn’t wear cosmetics.  She is, however, a lady and can help the contestants with their comportment.

Of course, there is a lot more on Miss Julia’s mind than some silly pageant.  It seems like her marriage to Sam may or may not have been valid.  Of course Sam doesn’t act fast enough for her so she has to get involved.  In the meantime Sam is relegated to the upstairs bedroom since the validity of the marriage is in question.  It’s an intolerable situation for her and her reputation.  What will everyone say if they find out what’s going on at Miss Julia’s house?

Miss Julia’s School of Beauty has it’s fair share of laughs, but it will never be my favorite Miss Julia book.  There are a few bad words sprinkled throughout the book. They’re not overwhelmingly present though.


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