Finding Runaway Twin

I have a nine-year old friend who has recommended Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret to me at least three different times.  She knows that I love to read and that I read a lot.  She wanted to share one of her favorite authors with me.  A big thank you to her for helping me find a new children’s author since I love kids books as much as any kid.

Runaway Twin is the story of twin sisters who are separated at the age of three when their mother and grandmother die.  Sunny is taken by a great-aunt who then gives Sunny to her mean abusive son.  Eventually she ends up in foster care in Nebraska.  Sunny has a picture of Starr, her sister, and herself.  She remembers Starr and longs to be reunited with her.

One day 13-year-old Sunny finds a purse with $820 in it, and no one claims it when she looks for an owner.  She decides to run away from her foster home, the best place she has ever lived in her ten years of foster care, and use the money to go back to Washington state to find her sister.  After a variety of adventures she does find her sister.  Sunny also learns the real meaning of family and love.

It’s a well written novel with plenty of adventure for adults and kids alike.  Peg Kehret did an excellent job at writing a sympathetic character.  Her story pulled at my heartstrings.

I will be reading more of her books in the future.  My young friend assures me that the book about the big wave is even better.  I’m guessing the title is actually Escaping the Giant Wave.  I’ll have to check the library for it.

Since it is a children’s book there are not bad words.  There are some thematic scenes like bullying; it could be a great springboard for a discussion about bullying with your children.



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