Miss Julia Stands Her Ground

This Miss Julia book centers around Christmas and the Christmas spirit, which Miss Julia’s former husband very firmly grounded out of her.  The action in Miss Julia Stands Her Ground, by Ann B. Ross, takes place in the present and the past, giving us a little more insight on the first few months and Christmas that Miss Julia spent with Little Lloyd and Hazel Marie.

It’s Christmas time, and Miss Julia is finding it hard to get into the spirit of Christmas with all the worries she has weighing her down.  You see, Brother Vern Puckett, Hazel Marie’s rascally uncle, is back in town and just eager to stir up trouble for Hazel Marie.  This time he claims that Little Lloyd isn’t really the son of Wesley Lloyd Springer.  On top of that he has Lonnie, who could have been Wesley Lloyd’s twin, in tow claiming to be the father.

Sam and Miss Julia do their best to shield Hazel Marie while they try to deal with this new threat to everyone’s happiness.  Just when they think they are going to have to exhume Wesley Lloyd’s body for DNA (What will the neighbors say?) Lillian saves the day.

It’s fun.  It’s rollicking.  Miss Julia is back in style, thank goodness.  I was worried after the last one.  Miss Julia Stands Her Ground is a book to laugh and cry with, even if there is an occasional word or two.


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