You Go Girl! Miss Julia Strikes Back

Lillian thinks Miss Julia has lost her marbles when in fact Miss Julia has lost her engagement and wedding ring.  They search the house only to discover that Hazel Marie’s jewelry is missing as well.  The lost becomes stolen, with the prime suspects the two dozen society ladies Miss Julia entertained that morning.  Miss Julia is determined to get her own back, but everyone is out-of-town except Little Lloyd.

With Miss Julia Strikes Back, Ann B. Ross has stolen my heart with another gem of a book.  And, yes, those puns were intended.  Miss Julia is back and ready for action in this hilarious cop and robber chase.  I loved it.

When Sergeant Bates informs Miss Julia that it probably wasn’t her society friends but a gang she immediately wants action.  He lets slip that the police think it was a gang of robbers based in Palm Beach Florida.  He should have kept his mouth shut.

Miss Julia, in all her righteous fury, buys a new heavy-duty car and hauls Lloyd, no longer little according to Lillian, off to Florida to find the thieves.  Since Sam is in Russia and Hazel Marie and Mr. Pickens are in Mexico, Miss Julia hires a drunk private investigator and enlists the help of Etta Mae Wiggins.

Hilarious from beginning to end, this might be my favorite Miss Julia yet.  There are a few words scattered throughout the book, but it’s pretty clean.  Miss Julia finds herself in some pretty unusual circumstances, even for her, but she triumphs in the end.

Seriously, how many times do I have to urge you to read these books before you go and find them?


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2 Responses to You Go Girl! Miss Julia Strikes Back

  1. sheraz2011 says:

    I finally read the first Miss Julia. I am on my way to the library for the others… as promised there were some laugh-out-loud moments in the quiet of the night! Thanks for the recommendations!

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