Dolci di Love

Up on the chopping block today is Dolci Di Love, a bittersweet novel by Sarah-Kate Lynch. A lot of the action takes place in Italy, hence the title.  I’m pretty sure that it means something along the lines of Sweetness of Love or Love’s Sweetness.  Spanish and Italian are close enough that I am 99.9% sure…  Any Italian speakers feel free to comment if you can tell us what it means!

Lily’s husband is going to have a birthday soon, and she needs to give him something besides another polo shirt.  Inspirations strikes and she heads to his closet to find out what size of golf shoes he wears.  Instead of finding his size she finds a laminated photo of him, a striking brunette, and two children inside his golf shoe.  Her world is turned upside down and sideways.

Personally I find this incredible because I’d never buy shoes for my husband unless he tried them on because we would end up exchanging the shoes.  Maybe he’s just really picky! But back to the chopping block…

She wakes up the next morning with a terrible hangover and her estranged sister banging on her door.  Apparently she has over indulged and has purchased a last-minute trip to Italy to find her husband and reclaim him or wreak her vengeance.  She really isn’t sure which, especially because they had tried unsuccessfully for years to have children.

Well things get a little more complicated when she arrives in Montevedova, Italy and meets the local ladies of the secret darning circle.  These ladies no longer darn but work at matchmaking on the sly.  They make it their mission to fix Lily up with a local land owner, unaware that she is married and on a mission of her own.

All sorts of things happen as this little group of ancient ladies tries arrange things so that Lily doesn’t know that she is being manipulated.  Will she forsake her marriage?  Will it be saved?  Are these little old ladies really that good at getting people together?  Can they save the day or will Lily end up saving them?

This book does have swearing and one inappropriate scene.  Read with caution…


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