Just What IS The Legacy?

The Legacy is an international bestseller by Katherine Webb.  It has mystery, romance, heartbreak, and deep secrets all rolled up in the form of one of England’s noble families.  The plot spans from the early 1900s in America to the present day in England.  Like many other books I have read recently there are two stories which connect in the end so that the reader ends up knowing more than the characters.

In 1905 Caroline wakes up from her faint to find that the baby was in deed there in the house of her newly acquired husband.  Without any possible explanation for the baby’s existence she determines that she will dispose of him before anyone finds out.  She gathers him up in a pillowcase and takes him out of the house towards the pond.  But she cannot make herself kill him.  Instead she leaves him in the forest near a camp of traveling gypsies.

Flash forward to the present.  Erica and Beth inherit the old manor house when their grandmother dies on the condition that they live in it.  It’s been almost 25 years since either of them has been back to the house and since their cousin Henry disappeared from the grounds.  Erica convinces her older sister Beth to return to the house one last time for the winter holidays.

Beth has been suffering from depression for years, and it has gotten steadily worse until she tried to take her own life.  Her ex husband is trying to get sole custody of their son Eddie, but Eddie is the only thing keeping Beth at all functional.  Erica hopes that by taking Beth back to the house that she will be able to help her regain her health.

But the mystery surrounding Henry’s disappearance weighs on them.  Erica cannot remember what happened the day Henry disappeared, even though she was eight years old.  She is certain that his disappearance is the key to Beth’s depression.  She searches for answers and finds Dinny, their childhood friend, son of the gypsies who camp on the manor grounds.

As Erica searches for answers she only finds more questions.  Who was her great-grandmother?  Why was her grandmother so bitter?  What really happened to Henry?

The plot itself was intriguing.  I wanted to keep reading.  I did not enjoy the swearing or the inappropriate scene.  I also felt let down by the ending.  It really kind of left me with a flat taste in my mouth.  Maybe because I like a happy ending, and there wasn’t really an ending on way or the other.  I did find out what happened to Henry….  It’s okay, but it isn’t going on my list of favorites.


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