Wow! Miss Julia Paints the Town

After the last two somewhat disappointing books I had to get back to something light and fun.  It was a perfect opportunity to read another Miss Julia book.  I know you are thinking, another one?  Really?  I admit that I am hooked.  I think if I wasn’t writing book reviews of what I’ve read for this blog that I probably would have just read straight through the series without interruption, a la Harry Potter or Amelia Peabody. In this delicious installment Miss Julia is up to her ladylike shenanigans once again.

In Miss Julia Paints the Town it seems like half her friends are missing husbands.  One wants to find himself.  One has simply disappeared.  The other has apparently absconded with half the town’s money.  Miss Julia better watch out.  Sam might be next.

A New Jersey developer comes to town with plans to tear down the old courthouse and build a high-rise condominium in its place.  Miss Julia may have lost the battle with her pastor over the church’s Family Life Center, but she doesn’t let it deter her efforts to save the old courthouse.  She introduces the developer to the local “society” in her efforts to get rid of him.  When that doesn’t work she takes it upon herself to save whatever she can before the courthouse is knocked down. In the meantime she is sure that one of the wives of the missing husband is trying to take Sam away from her.  Another wife is depending on her for support, including sleeping at her house during the night.  The third keeps bringing her troubles over to Miss Julia’s unwilling ear. Can she keeps the condos from being built?  Will the husbands ever be found?  To what lengths will she go to save the day?  Well, I’m not going to say.  You have to read it and find out.  But please read them in order starting with Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind. Thank you Ann B. Ross for another delightful book! There are a few mild swear words in these books.


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