Thank Goodness Miss Julia Delivers the Goods

After the last disaster it is a very good thing that I still had one Miss Julia book left.  Like always, Ann B. Ross really delivers with a wonderful Miss Julia Delivers the Goods.  It was a balm to my agitated reading soul.

Horrors of horrors, Hazel Marie isn’t feeling well.  In fact she goes to the hospital for a few days after making Miss Julia promise to take care of Lloyd if the worst should happen.  Of course Miss Julia, Lloyd, Lillian, and Sam are horrified.  Mr. Pickens would be too, if they could find him to let him know that she is sick.

When Hazel Marie survives she threatens to take Lloyd and leave town forever.  She can’t put Miss Julia through anything else.  And she is DONE with Mr. Pickens.  He never wants to get married, and she has finally had enough.  Miss Julia is shocked that Hazel Marie wants to leave and even more shocked that Mr. Pickens has been sent packing.

It’s like an answer to her prayers when Sam’s old house gets burgled one night.  She convinces Sam to hire Mr. Pickens to ostensibly track down the thief so she can bring the former love birds back together and get them married.

Time keeps running out on Miss Julia.  Will she crack the case before Mr. Pickens?  Can she reunite the lovers before it’s too late?  Will Hazel Marie really leave?  Don’t you wish you knew?  Start reading the series and find out!

There are a few incidents of mild swearing in this book.


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