The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail

When I was a kid I read a lot of books by Richard Peck.  The Dreadful Future of Blossom Culp had to be one of my favorites.  I know I read it many times.  So it was really a no brainer to scoop up The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail when I noticed that Richard Peck wrote it.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Queen Victoria is getting ready to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee when Minor Mouse, really a nameless mouse, has his life turned upside down.  The mouse world and the human world of Buckingham palace are very much connected in this book, and never more so than during this particular event.

Minor Mouse is a young mouse without a name or a family.  He was brought up by the head seamstress in the Royal Mews.  He is sent to school where he is picked on; the picking so easy as he is nameless and family-less as well as small for his age.  One day, close to the celebration, he has had enough and runs away.

The next 24-48 hours are a whirlwind of adventure.  He meets a cat and a horse, becomes a soldier, and is kidnapped by bats.  He manages to meet Queen Victoria and the queen of the mice before he finally finds his name and his family.

It’s a fun tale of adventures and intrigues.  Kids will love The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail.  In fact it is a great read out loud book for families on cold winter nights.  Even if you don’t have kids you should consider reading it.


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