A New Favorite in the Making: Aunt Dimity and the Duke

I stumbled across a new (to me) mystery author last week.  Nancy Atherton has written a series of books loosely entitled the Aunt Dimity Mysteries.  I was disappointed to discover that the very first was not available, but I settled for the second book, Aunt Dimity and the Duke.  Since I’ve only read one I don’t know if they are about the same people or if Aunt Dimity is the common factor.

Forty and frumpy are the words that Emma Porter uses to describe herself when dumped by her boyfriend of 15 years for a younger woman.  Numb and sick of the consolations offered by family and friends, Emma decides to go ahead and take the summer long vacation in England she and Richard (the now married ex) had planned.

Her trip hits a glorious snag when she bumps into the Pym sisters in an out-of-the-way garden.  They have a delightful gardening conversation, and they insist that she must drive to Penford Hall to see the gardens there.  Because it is a private garden the sisters give her a card of introduction.

She arrives at Penford Hall and before she understands what is happening she is hired to restore the Duke’s chapel garden.  She also finds herself weak at the knees over the contractor doing some restoration work.  She is bowled over when a famous model makes her appearance.

Almost before she can get her bearings an attempted murder takes place and everyone is a suspect.  Will the would be killer be found?  Will she unravel the mystery behind the death of a legendary rock star five years earlier?  Does true love really happen for her?

I loved this book.  It was fun to read.  I appreciated the writing style.  It was engaging and not just simple declarative sentences.  The love story was heart warming and not explicit.  I will be checking out more of the Aunt Dimity books.

I have only one complaint.  Nancy Atherton included one word just one time that could easily have been replaced by a much less vulgar one without losing any context.  Hopefully she cleans up her act in the next book.


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