There is LOTS to do when Miss Julia Renews Her Vows

I don’t know how many more Miss Julia books there are, but I am starting to be afraid that I’m coming to the end.  Excuse me while I sob for a minute.  My shoulders are shaking and tears are running down my face at the very thought of reaching the end.  I love, I repeat, LOVE, Miss Julia’s adventures.  My sister has promised me a new Southern Lady who has adventures so maybe the world won’t end when I reach the latest Miss Julia.

Miss Julia Renews Her Vows is the 11th book in this series by Ann B. Ross.  Dr. Fred Fowler, the infamous psychiatrist from Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, is back in town by invitation of the pastor.  He is there to teach a seminar on “stoking the embers” for married people.  Not only is Miss Julia horrified that he is back in town, she’s terrified that Sam is unsatisfied in their marriage because he wants to attend.

Things heat up when everyone realizes that Dr. Fred is there to teach them how to revive their sex lives.  Miss Julia finds it a tad interesting that he can teach on this subject since he is old, single, and still lives with his mother.  But she still has no interest in seeing him face to face, and, quite frankly, doesn’t think her embers need any fanning.

While all that hanky panky is going on at the church, Etta Mae is accused of trying to murder a patient in her care.  Miss Julia leaps to her defense and all sorts of sneaky, yet very ladylike, investigating happens.

Can Miss Julia stay away from Dr. Fred?  Will she solve the mystery of who really attacked Etta Mae’s patient?  Most of all, can she convince the whole town that Hazel Marie has been married long enough to be so pregnant with twins?

This book is another treat from Ann B. Ross.  I just hope she can keep it up.  I’d love to read at least 11 more Miss Julia books!

There are a few less than polite words scattered in this book.


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