The Hilarious Murder with Peacocks

After thoroughly enjoying Murder with Puffins by Donna Andrews I decided to check out the rest of her books.  By now you ought to know that I love a good series, and this Meg Langslow series promises to be quite good.

In Murder with Peacocks, Meg returns to Yorktown Virginia to be the maid of honor in no less than three summer weddings.  Three demanding (or vacillating as one bride is) brides with crazy wants are turning her summer into a marathon.  Only Michael, a new comer working at Be Stitched, his mother’s store where all the wedding clothes are being made, is a bright spot.  It’s a pity he’s gay because she is trying to keep herself from falling in love.

Then a visitor is found dead, conked on the head and left on the Langslow’s beach.  Now, on top of three weddings, Meg is trying to keep her father alive as he insists on investigating the death that everyone else is reluctant to call murder.  Michael becomes her friend as they investigate together.

Can Meg make it through the weddings, the demands of the brides, and solve the murder to keep her father among the living?  Will everyone, including the brides, end up with the right romantic partner?  Read it and find out!

There are a few mild bad words but no explicit scenes.


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