Catherine Palmer’s The Maverick’s Bride

It’s been a while since I read one of Catherine Palmer’s books.  She is a prolific novelist in the genre of Christian Fiction.  I enjoy her books because they are clean but the action is not solely focused on Christian beliefs.  I suppose that requires a little more explaining… I have scriptures to teach me the gospel so I really enjoy Christian fiction that are novels and not moralistic, in-your-face propaganda.  Uh, have I dug my hole to deep to get out?

Anyway, this time I read The Maverick’s Bride.  All the action takes place in Africa in the 1800s.  Two sisters travel with their father to Africa so he can oversee the building of a railroad for the English Empire.  Their first night out in the wilderness the youngest sister disappears.  Emma, the older sister, tries to find her and gets lost.  She is rescues by Adam King, an American with a nearby ranch.  The two agree to a marriage of convenience so she can get her inheritance and search for her sister.

Of course this marriage of convenience becomes strained as they are mutually attracted to each other.  Emma is being told horrible things about Adam by someone who wants to marry her.  Adam is trying to find his faith again.  By relying on their faith and discovering the truth about each other all works out in the end.

I guess you could call that a spoiler, but did you honestly think it would end any other way?  This is a Christian romance so it remains very chaste and without foul language.  A definite plus!


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