Reviewing Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos

This book has to have the very best murder weapon ever!

I guess I can’t really end a review there, but it is tempting, very tempting.  Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos is as funny as it sounds.  Written by one of my new favorite authors, Donna Andrews, it is the third in the Meg Langslow mysteries.  It is as good as the first two books ever thought of being.

Product Details

Meg and her boyfriend, Michael, are back in Yorktown for the celebration of the battle of Yorktown, you know, where George Washington defeated the British and effectively ended the War for American Independence.  Michael’s mother has enlisted her in help in the celebratory colonial style fair that is complete with re-enactments and colonial crafts.  Business is brisk at Meg’s wrought-iron booth and everyone is having a good time as long as Michael’s mom is not around.

At least everyone seemed to be having a great time until an out-of-town businessman ends up deader than a doornail in the back of Meg’s booth the night of the costume ball.  Of course someone in Meg’s extensive family becomes the main suspect, and it is up to Meg to clear his name, that is, once she clears her own.

I never guessed the identity of the killer, but I sure enjoyed the race to the finish.  It’s a fun book and definitely worth reading.  In fact you have to read it to find out just what killed the victim.  This is a very fun, laugh out loud kind of book.  You really to find these books by Donna Andrews.

There are occasional bad words in this book but no explicit scenes whatsoever.  I’m grateful that Donna Andrews keeps the bedroom door shut, or the tent flap in this case.



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