The Irrepressible Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle

It’s been a week or two since I treated everyone to an effusive Miss Julia review so I had better slip one in quick!  Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle is the 12th book in the Miss Julia series by Ann B. Ross.  Be prepared to laugh!

Product Details

Would you know it.  The biggest snow storm of the century hits Abbotsville when Sam and Mr. Pickens leave for business in Raleigh.  Miss Julia’s checks begin bouncing all over town.  The electricity goes out in the middle of the night.  Hazel Marie’s water breaks and there is a fallen limb in front of all the cars.  What’s a house full of women to do?!?

Miss Julia has a series of breathtaking adventures throughout Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle as she tries to prove herself innocent of bank fraud and worse.  Why else would she go traipsing about after dark during the coldest nights of the year?  Not only is she trying to prove her innocence, Miss Julia is also beset by jealousy over Sam, her rather persistent demon.

Ann B. Ross has written another great book.  There are not any explicit scenes, but there might be a mild word or two.


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