Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble

This is the last Miss Julia book until Ann B. Ross writes another.  I am hoping that she will since I have enjoyed them so much.  Miss Julia is up to her neck in troubles when she tries to deal with life in Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble.


Hazel Marie and Mr. Pickens are trying to survive parenthood and being on their own when James, their help, falls and breaks an arm and sprains a foot.  They install him in the guest room downstairs.  Then Brother Vernon, Hazel Marie’s uncle, shows up and expects to be taken in.  He takes Lloyd’s room.  Both expect to be waited on hand and foot.  Hazel Marie is running ragged between them and the twins.

Miss Julia decides to take charge.  She arranges for her friends to come in a teach Hazel Marie how to cook, which will provide meals.  She also convinces a friend to invest in Brother Vernon’s new mission, a soup kitchen, in an effort to get him out of the house.  

Just when things are in hand, Lillian, Miss Julia, and Lloyd each see Mr. Pickens in his car with a strange woman. To top it off, it’s not the same woman they each see.  Is this why he is never at home?  Is Hazel Marie facing a divorce?

Will Miss Julia solve the mysteries and get her family back to normal and happy?

This book was fun, but not as good as most of them.  It has a lot of recipes in it.  They are the ones that people teach to Hazel Marie.  Some of them sound pretty good.  I hope this wasn’t the last book because it is not worthy of being the finale of such a fun series!


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