The Sweets on Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe

Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan is a fun light-hearted romp through the difficulties of being laid off while sleeping with the boss and starting your own business.  It’s a search for love and self-worth.  It’s about finding real friends and the work it sometimes take to have a worthwhile relationship.

Issy Randall loves to bake but is working at an office.  When even sleeping with the boss can’t prevent her layoff she spend her severance pay opening up a cupcake cafe in a neighborhood in the trendy Stoke Newington suburb of London.  It’s an uphill proposition until a bus accident puts her cafe on the map.

She makes new friends and has to decide what real love really is.  Will she be wise enough to follow her heart and save the neighborhood from being turned into modern condominiums?

It’s a fun story, but the bad language put a damper on my enjoyment.  I also can’t remember if there were any sex scenes.  My parents came for a visit and I didn’t get my reviews written in a timely matter.  So if you read something that I didn’t warn you about it, I apologize.

Apparently there is a second novel named Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe.  I think I will probably read it, if I can find a copy.  



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