Reading Is Almost as Important as Breathing

Part of this blog has been an effort on my part to read new authors and branch out.  It helps me keep track of what I’ve read and whether or not I want to read more books by those authors.  I have discovered some that I absolutely love and, unfortunately, many books I will never finish reading because of the content.

But each new book by an unknown author always makes me feel a bit of trepidation.  Will it be a good book?  Will I discover a new must-read author?  Will I get to finish?  Ah, the joys of reading.

By now I have now written reviews on more than 75 books.  Of course I have read thousands of books during my life time so these reviews represent just a drop in the bucket.  I only write a review if I just read it.  There is a reason for that!  I read for enjoyment mostly.  I do not expend a lot of effort in remembering every little detail of each book I read. The upside of that is that I do not always remember the end of mysteries which makes the rereading of those more enjoyable.  The downside is that while I have a considerable amount of books to review I will have to reread them.  Wait, did I say that was a downside?  Who am I kidding?  That’s a privilege.

I’ve been asked before why I read so much.  Really the answer is simple.  I read to relax, the way some people watch television, knit, or quilt.  Everyone has a different way to relax.  My husband loves to sleep through our TV shows.  While I am all keyed up and involved in what is happening on the screen he is snoozing away.  He doesn’t understand how reading relaxes me, and I can’t fathom how he sleeps through Person of Interest or Hawaii Five O.

I could not happily survive without books.  Even when I go on vacation I pack a book or borrow a book from my host.  If I go to long without reading I begin to crave the feel of a book in my hands.  Reading is almost as important as breathing for my emotional well-being.  If books were to disappear I might survive, but I would not be really living.

What do books mean to you, and why do you read?



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I love to read books and blog about whatever strikes my fancy. I get plenty of blogging inspiration from my family and life itself. Check it out my different blogs!
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