Mrs. Noodlekugel and Four Blind Mice

This book just begged to be read with a title like Mrs. Noodlekugel and Four Blind Mice.  Written by Daniel Pinkwater and illustrated by Adam Stower, this story is a cute recounting of Nick and Maxine’s babysitter Mrs. Noodlekugel.


Mrs. Noodlekugel has some very extraordinary pets.  Mr. Fuzzface is a talking cat.  Then there are four mice who cannot see very well.  Mrs. Noodlekugel takes the whole bunch on a bus trip so the mice can get glasses.  There is a surprise happy ending.

The illustrations are adorable.  The drawings only make this easy to read chapter book more engaging.  The pictures of the mice with their brand new glasses are priceless.  They remind me of how incredible it was to actually see when I got my very first pair.

I just discovered that there is another previous Mrs. Noodlekugel book.  I might just have to go and look it up.

There is no need to worry about your kids reading this book.  It’s fun.  It’s clean.  And you’ll get as big of a kick out of it as the kids do!


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2 Responses to Mrs. Noodlekugel and Four Blind Mice

  1. Maria M says:

    love the sound of this, with names like Noodlekugel and Fuzzface even the adult reading the book will have fun.

    • karenspath says:

      It was pretty fun saying all the fanciful names. And how a cat named Fuzzface ever go so dignified, I will never know. 🙂

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