LOL! Donna Andrews’ We’ll Always Have Parrots

I’m a huge fan of Donna Andrews‘ Meg Langslow mysteries.  I am trying to read them slowly and savor them, because eventually I will have read them all.  It’s a sad day when I finish a series because there is nothing left to read….  Sigh!

So I read Donna Andrews’ We’ll Always Have A Parrots recently.  LOL doesn’t do it justice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha while knee slapping is much more appropriate.  It was hilarious.  Hilarious!

The action takes place at a convention, but it isn’t just any convention.  It’s the first official East Coast Convention for the Friends of Amblyopia (think ComiCon) and Michael is the star attraction.  Of course being the girlfriend of the star attraction is the worst possible position at a fan crazed convention.  Meg is subjected to a lot of hateful glances and groupies on their balcony.  This combined with the livestock (really? livestock?!?) found throughout the hotel is enough to make her wish it would just be done!

Then the “star” of the show doesn’t show up for a panel.  No one can get her to come out of her room.  She just keeps shrieking for the volunteers to go away.  Meg finally climbs over the balconies to the QB’s room and finds her dead.  ACK!

Things get worse when Meg discovers that EVERYONE has motives, including Michael.  She decides she better find the culprit so Michael will be able to go back to his university job untarnished.  Of course this means she finds herself in some pretty hair-raising situations.

This book is so funny and definitely worth reading.  There are not any untoward scenes The language is kept to a bare minimum, and even that it is the more mild variety.

Please get a copy of these books and start reading them!!!



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