Laughing Through Owls Well That Ends Well

The more I read of Donna Andrew’s Meg Langslow series the more I love them.  My mother recently checked one out and confessed that she didn’t like it nearly so well.  I was floored.  Then she continued by saying she read it when she didn’t feel all that well.  It also turned out that it wasn’t the first book in the series.  That is where she made her mistake.  These books are chronological, and to truly appreciate Meg’s eccentric family you have to read them somewhat in order.  So I hope she tries again with Murder with Peacocks!

My latest Donna Andrews‘ book was Owls Well That Ends Well.  In this installment Meg has spent months cleaning out the new house she and Michael have purchased outside of Caerphilly Virginia.  The previous owner was a hoarder, and the house, as well as several outlying building, are filled to the brim with stuff.  With hopes that they can raise money to fix the house, Meg agrees to host a garage sale.  And since everyone knows you can attract more shoppers with a multi-family sale Meg’s family decides to join her.  It turns into at least 17 families on a solid two acres of tables with stuff for sale.

Because there are unsavory bargain hunters everywhere someone is bound to get murdered.  Unfortunately for Meg, it happens in her barn, and nearly all of the hundreds of shoppers become suspects.  But when the police arrest Giles, Michael’s friend and a professor on his tenure committee, Meg decides it’s up to her to find the real culprit.  By straight forward ways and devious ways, which include hiding in the dumb-waiter to listen in on official interviews, Meg slowly begins to close in on the killer.  Unfortunately there are lots of suspects.

But when Meg really figures out the truth will it be too late?  Will the killer have a chance to rid the world of the sanest Langslow?  Will they be able to have their garage sale?  And was Michael really buying used lingerie from one of her cousins?

Throw Dr. Landslow’s effort to save the barn owls, a thieving guest, and Spike, the tiny terror, and you have a recipe for a barrel of laughs.

There are a few words, but no need to avoid scenes!



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