The Life Saver: Miss Julia to the Rescue

Miss Julia books are a sure fired way to make me laugh my head off.  I can’t read this around my kids because they want to know just what is so funny.  It’s a humor that I cannot begin to explain because they just aren’t old enough to get it.  Miss Julia to the Rescue doesn’t disappoint!  Ann B. Ross has another goldmine of humor in this installment of Miss Julia.

Life is a little less chaotic when Hazel Marie and Mr. Pickens move into Sam’s old house. Miss Julia is terribly happy, although she tries hard not to show it, because Lloyd decides to live with her during the school year.  The twins cry too much at night.

But things are never dull around Miss Julia.  Sam goes off on a tour of the Holy Land.  Mr. Pickens takes a job and disappears.  Hazel Marie is frazzled by motherhood.  Wait a minute, Mr. Pickens is missing?

Well that means it is up to Miss Julia to save the day, again.  She enlists the help of Etta Mae Wiggins as she dries to Virginia in hopes of rescuing Mr. Pickens.  The backwoods of Virginia are like a whole other country to Miss Julia.

Like all of the other books, the experiences Miss Julia has are varied and even quite extreme.  This of course leads to much hilarity.   You have to read them.

The tongue in cheek social critique Ann B. Ross employs through the vehicle of Miss Julia is one of the reasons I love these books so much.  A lot of the humor that I see is of this variety.  No amount of explaining will help any child understand that.

Miss Julia is a must read.  Remember to start with Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind since the books are chronological.  As always this book was clean with maybe one or two mild words and no sex scenes.  


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