Reviewing Harriet Beamer Strikes Gold

I read Joyce Magnin’s Harriet Beamer Strikes Gold.  It’s the first book by Joyce Magnin that I have ever read.  I did not really enjoy it all that much, but that may be because I read it after the irrepressible Miss Julia.

Harriet is living with her son and his wife now.  There isn’t enough space for her famous salt and pepper shaker collection.  She’s not happy.  She invites her best friend for a visit, invests in a gold mine, and finds out where her real treasure is.

The book was okay.  I found parts of the plot somewhat ludicrous without the grace of humor to make it more palatable.  The novel had a good message, but I found it difficult to finish because I wasn’t that interested, and I was pretty sure I knew the ending.  Turns out, I was right.

This story was okay.  It did have some humor.  I’m not dying to find another book by Joyce Magnin to read, although the first one may be better.  One point in its favor is that it is clean, having a Christian touch.

I will say that because of this book I have been more cognizant of the wide variety of salt and pepper shakers that seem to abound everywhere!

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