The Widow’s Club

I enjoyed The Thin Woman so much that I had to go and get the next book in the Ellie Haskell series.  The Widow’s Club, by Dorothy Cannell, is pretty funny in its own light.  It is a great sequel to The Thin Woman.

Ellie attends the funeral of the man she murdered shortly after her wedding to Bentley.  All her dreams of happiness are gone now that she has accidentally murdered him.  On the way home she is followed by a hearse which, of course, terrifies her beyond belief.  Everyone is watching her, knowing the shambles her life had become before the incident.    

Two elderly female detectives appear on her doorstep so to speak and ask for her help.  They are investigating the murder.  Will Ellie help them investigate the murder she committed?  And just who got murdered anyway?

That is as big a mystery as what exactly the Widow’s Club actually does.  Are they really a club of harmless widows who go about doing good works?  Who is the nefarious Doctor Simon Bordeaux?  And what happened to Ellie’s new mother in law?

This book has a different feel to it than The Thin Woman.  It is still funny and endearing, but there is genuine suspense too.  After all the author doesn’t tell you who Ellie accidentally killed until almost the end of the book.  And her in-laws are a riot until they move in on what seems to be a permanent basis.

This book is clean good fun, although there may be a word or two.  Be sure to start the series with The Thin Woman so you can read The Widow’s Club!


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