The Cherry Cola Book Club

The Cherry Cola Book Club by Ashton Lee is a fun lighthearted book that stresses the importance of reading and the relevance of libraries.  Set in Mississippi, it is a southern voice book and it explores a little of the literature produced by Southern women through the members of the Cherry Cola Book Club.

Maura Beth Mayhew is facing the loss of her job as the city council threatens to close the library by refusing to find it.  She is given six months to turn around the library and prove that it is a vital part of small Cherico, Mississippi.  She enlists the help of her friend Periwinkle of the Twinkle Twinkle cafe and a newcomer in town named Connie.

The first meeting boasts four people: Maura Beth, Connie, Miss Voncille, and Becca Broccoli (of radio fame) are the founding members.  As the group begins to meet they become friends.  They discover who is Scarlett and who is Melanie from Gone With the Wind.

The numbers grow slowly as the four become firm friends.  They stick together during a health crisis and a love crisis.  But can they pull together enough support to save the town’s library?  And will Maura Beth ever find a guy in that pokey little place she now calls home?

It’s a fun, sweet read with enough humor to make it worth reading.  It’ll be a bright spot during a winter day, so find a copy and curl up with it today!


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